What are the benefits of installing a power vent with a thermostat/humidistat?

With combination thermostat/humidistat controls, power attic ventilators monitor heat and humidity levels in summer through winter for year-round attic protection from the damaging effects of moisture and heat buildup。

2019网赚项目Moisture naturally generates in homes from washers, dryers, dishwashers and showers. The water vapor travels upward, passing through ceilings and insulation until it reaches cooler, dryer conditions in the attic. When the vapor hits cooler rafters, trusses and roof sheathing, it rapidly condenses into water droplets or frost. The trouble starts as water begins to drip into the attic or wick into the sheathing.

  • Water stains may form on ceilings just under the attic and the paint may peel
  • Up in the attic, the insulation may become damp and compressed
  • Mold and mildew can develop in the attic
  • Wood can rot
  • Deterioration of roof shingles accelerates

The advantage of the combination thermostat/humidistat is it provides double protection throughout the year.

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